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ORIAS stands for what we do: we Oversee the Realization and Implementation of Administrative Systems.

Orias’ mission is to bring the understanding of financial products and associated administrative tasks closer to the people. These need to be accessible to a wider audience and are of added value to society. We achieve this objective through our SixBlocks solution.


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Our philosophy

Orias’ philosophy is woven right into its logo. All future requirements of the entire company are located on the left and bottom of the logo; for all levels from top to bottom, and for all departments from left to right.


The requirements and demands are always translated into the same model and in accordance with one single philosophy. The solution is then tuned to this model and subsequently implemented in the organization. Simplicity is our motto and predictability characterizes us. After this process, all solutions for all requirements and demands at all levels and departments become available. The solution is visible on the right and at the top of the logo.


Joost and Robert

Joost worked at a company that developed automated solutions for pension funds and insurers. New projects were often introduced for legislative amendments, product development, and process changes. Joost believed that these projects were way too large. The costs were unnecessarily high and the time required to realize these projects was too long. Moreover, they often did not yield the desired results.


After half a year of analysis ‘in the attic’, Joost came to the conclusion that the entire process could and should be simplified. He believed in a single flexible system with a single philosophy that could be applied to implement all legislative amendments, product developments, and process changes in accordance with one method. The entire process would be simplified and the costs and lead times would end up being significantly lower.

Joost discussed his findings, conclusion, and ideas with his brother Robert. Robert worked at a large IT company that was active in the financial sector. Based on his experience, Robert was impressed by his brother’s vision. Subsequently, Robert and Joost started Orias BV with the aim to develop this solution and bring it to market.


After an intense period of brainstorming, developing, testing, and implementing, the product has finally proven itself. Several business cases – on behalf of insurance companies, pension, and premium pension institutions – are carried out in practice. Smaller teams have demonstrated faster implementation times at significantly lower costs than traditional systems.


We transformed the solution into a prototype of the SixBlocks solution. This solution is not only suitable for pension tasks, but has a much broader applicability. SixBlocks is the solution for all administrative business aspects in which history, validation, calculation, incoming interfaces, and correspondence are important.

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